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Nellie's Sweet Shoppe



Ice Cream


Nellie's Sweet shoppe is a family-run business in Smithville, Missouri located on Main Street across from the historic town square.


We offer a variety of fudge flavors that we make on site, specialty chocolates, hand-dipped ice cream, 'bag and weigh' candies and salt water taffy. In addition we sell locally made jams, jellies, honey and craft soft drinks. Our popular fudge subscription boxes are shipped all over the world.


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Ice Cream



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Three Easy Ways to Order

Ways to Order

What people are saying about Nellie's Sweet Shoppe

I miss the small town candy shops of my youth. Glass jars filled with glossy chocolates, my palms filled with sweaty coins, anticipating sweet satisfaction. When you are a child, chocolate is the object of your desire. As you get older, desires get much more complicated. Still there, but now there is so much guilt. If you want to go back to a time when there is no guilt, just pure unadulterated pleasure, might I suggest Nellie's Sweet Shoppe. These people still get goosebumps about candy , just like you do. There is no guilt here, just a romping good time. Ice cream, homemade fudge (a new spotlight flavor each month) hard crack candy and yes glass jars of glossy chocolates. However you choose to let your inner child act out, the results will be finger licking lip smacking good.

- Deanna, Belton MO

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